About the Forum

The IEEE EMBS Public Forum on Healthcare Tech Industry Trends will be held on August 25-28, 2021 and aims to highlight and discuss the challenges and opportunities of the healthcare tech industry, translation and commercialization with the participation of 24 healthcare tech leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers. Along with topical information, this forum will expose students and postdocs to the many career and networking opportunities in the global healthcare market.

The forum will have the following four symposiums

  1. Innovative Medical Device Industry (25th)
  2. Digital Health Industry (26th)
  3. BioPharm and BioTech Industry (27th)
  4. NeuroTech Industry (28th)

In addition to plenary talks, we will have panel discussions at the end of symposiums.

We believe that the IEEE EMBS Forum will provide a unique platform for scientists, engineers and students to focus on translational data science and engineering research and healthcare innovations, as well as the need for a paradigm shift in engineering and science education and their impact on healthcare and economic growth.

Due to the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizing committee has decided to offer the workshop in a virtual format only to ensure a safe environment and to make participation possible for more people. We hope you will join us. 

Metin Akay

Chair, IEEE EMBS Public Forum

Registration Information 

Registration is free and required to attend the IEEE EMBS Public Forum.

Please note that the registration is limited.
Your access link will be provided after registration.